Learn to Lead AI/ML Adoption in Your Organization.

Designed by Professor Parker at INSEAD, our course materials are used by Board Members, C-Suites and executives across a variety of industries. We teach leaders how to navigate this exciting and challenging new space. With just a few hours of study, executives at any level have gained the tools needed to lead AI/ML projects effectively and level up their organizations.

Before hiring 100 data scientists, building big data warehouses, or wasting valuable time, executives can better leverage AI/ML effectively by understanding just enough of this topic without becoming programmers themselves.

Machine Learning for Every Kind of Leader.

We've helped CEOs, sales directors, and HR leaders understand how they can use the AI/ML technologies to level up their roles. INSEAD's executive education programs have used our course materials to train hundreds of leaders in the finance, retail, petroleum, and many other industries.

Use the Tools that You Already Know

Business runs on Excel - that's why we give you access to all the latest machine learning tools inside normal Excel spreadsheets - no programming required.

Building Bench Strength in Machine Learning

Scaling machine learning and artificial intelligence across your entire organization can be achieved in a matter of days. Contact our enterprise sales team to learn more.

From our designers.

The goal is to get consultants, executives, managers, MBAs and other non-programmers up to speed! Not to become programmers, but to quickly know how easy it is and then lead others to implement projects.
Philip M. Parker PhD, Wharton School
INSEAD Chair Professor of Management Science
We are creating learning journeys starting with "what is programming" to neural networks, without the jargon, using professional tools in the shortest possible route.
Sam Manzer PhD, Berkeley
Emphasis is on easy of use, simplicity and speed. Spreadsheets, that call Python or R, result in managers using sophisticated machine learning tools in a matter of minutes.
Abdul Ali Senior Research Programmer

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Sample of the handy machine learning algorithms mind map.

Professor Philip Parker at INSEAD has created a poster describing the steps required in successfully completing an artificial intelligence or machine learning project for leaders.

Download it for free and print for your personal use!

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In addition, try our Python for Leaders course that goes from “What is programming” to “coding” neural networks in nothing flat, designed for executives, managers and non-Programmers who want to become team leaders!

Get your FREE whiteboards.

Created for Managers and Educators, these Zoom-ready white boards summarize the key learnings from courses taught by Philip Parker, INSEAD Chair Professor of Management Science. They summarize the five broad areas of AI/ML by subject domain: human resources, key applications, models, programming languages and code libraries. Download the white boards and use them for your strategic planning.

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