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Developed by AI expert Phil Parker, Chair Professor of Management Science at INSEAD, our Enterprise solution bundles all of our courses, spreadsheets, posters, videos and dashboards behind your firewall for unlimited use across the entire organization. Our learning management system was co-created with a university and multinational firms.
Faculty and HR Leaders can assess progress of participants across a flexible and adaptive learning journey. Dashboards record skills acquired, acquisition speed and depth of adoption across all AI/ML core subjects, especially R and Python.
Our dashboard approach has been used in both university and corporate settings. Students and employees with absolutely no programming experience have been able to quickly up-skill without interrupting their busy schedules. In some cases, unknown stars are discovered within a firm's talent pool.

Ready to level up your organization's AI/ML talents?

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Sample of the handy machine learning algorithms mind map.

Professor Philip Parker at INSEAD has created a poster describing the steps required in successfully completing an artificial intelligence or machine learning project for leaders.

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In addition, try our Python for Leaders course that goes from “What is programming” to “coding” neural networks in nothing flat, designed for executives, managers and non-Programmers who want to become team leaders!

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Created for Managers and Educators, these Zoom-ready white boards summarize the key learnings from courses taught by Philip Parker, INSEAD Chair Professor of Management Science. They summarize the five broad areas of AI/ML by subject domain: human resources, key applications, models, programming languages and code libraries. Download the white boards and use them for your strategic planning.

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