Python for Leaders

Learn everything you need to lead AI/ML projects - no coding experience required.

The world-leading INSEAD business school uses this course to teach hundreds of executives how to take charge of their organization's AI initiatives.


"Taking the Python course was one of the best decisions I made at INSEAD." - Katrina Yavash, Associate, McKinsey & Company

"This is a concise program for any managers who do not have a programming background to understand the essence of machine learning. After this class AI is not just a buzz word anymore." - Kaz Uchida, CVC manager, Mitsubishi Corporation

"The platform provides a wonderful experience to learn Python and machine learning quickly without any prerequisite in computer science. It has both technical components (coding) and business applications (analysis) that can be used instantly in the professional setting." - Gary Wu, Analyst, The Economist Group

Our Courses

Intro to Python for Leaders
Learn the language of AI in just a few hours.
Machine Learning for Executives
Master the core machine learning knowledge that you need to be an AI Leader.
Neural Networks Demystified
Discover the hidden simplicity of the most cutting-edge AI technologies.

Get your FREE Poster – Strategic ML for Startups and the C-Suite.

Sample of the handy machine learning algorithms mind map.

Professor Philip Parker at INSEAD has created a poster describing the steps required in successfully completing an artificial intelligence or machine learning project for leaders.

Download it for free and print for your personal use!

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In addition, try our Python for Leaders course that goes from “What is programming” to “coding” neural networks in nothing flat, designed for executives, managers and non-Programmers who want to become team leaders!

Get your FREE whiteboards.

Created for Managers and Educators, these Zoom-ready white boards summarize the key learnings from courses taught by Philip Parker, INSEAD Chair Professor of Management Science. They summarize the five broad areas of AI/ML by subject domain: human resources, key applications, models, programming languages and code libraries. Download the white boards and use them for your strategic planning.

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